WOSM microcontroller

The WOSM MCU resembles the Arduino open source microcontroller. The WOSM MCU is faster, but its most revolutionary feature is its control scheme. On startup, the microcontroller negotiates an IP address, usually in less than a second, and thereafter can be commanded both locally, from our WOSM keypad, or remotely, from a web browser.

MZ board

This control scheme allows nanostage, filter wheels, shutters, dichroic sliders and other actuators to be precisely controlled either locally or at an arbitrary distance from the microscope, using a web browser. The two modes of control can operate simultaneously, with each updating the other in real time. This control scheme also allows the firmware of the microcontroller to be remotely updated.

The microcontroller has a plain text command set. WOSM MCU commands can be readily combined into macros and macros can call other macros. The command set resembles that for ImageJ.


Nick Carter · Rob Cross · Douglas Martin