Camera and tube-lens assembly

This assembly includes the camera, Thorlabs 2" tube components and custom plate and plastic supports to slide straight onto the wosm base block.

The assembly can be removed and replaced without needing re-alignment. Your CCD chip remains enclosed (ie. dust protected) when removed.

Thorlabs 2-inch tube and tube-lens assembly

Off-the-shelf Thorlabs components create the camera tube. Components required are:

Part Source Notes
(Plate shown with part below screwed in place)
Make this in ~6mm ali plate.
This part should be a slide fit into the 60mm base port. It should not rattle, it's purporse is to have the camera position be repeatable. If you replace the camera assembly, you should not need to re-align.
This screws onto the port_plate_2in above. Use ~20mm long M4 countersunk screws, let them self-tap into the plastic.
See the note above. Snug fit required. If not, alter your extrusion settings, or add a small dimension offset.