Dichroic and camera mirror mount


A 3D-printed mirror mount. Holds the excitation dichroic mirror and the camera mirror.

* 3-point adjustment for in-situ alignment of both mirrors
* Adjustable tensioners hold the mirrors in place
* 1 or 2 emission / notch filters.
* Sprung sides ensure a snug fit, it just slides into the block. No re-alignment necessary after removal from the base.
* Designed for filament deposition printing without support.

3D Printing notes and settings:

You will also need 10x M3 grub screws for mirror alignment, 2x M3 countersunk to hold the filter cover, and 40mm long M4 bolts (eg. RS: 304-4609) and nuts to hold the whole shebang together.
The 1" ccd mirror is Thorlabs part BBSQ1-E02.
Dichroic substrates are assumed to be not far from 35.6x25.2x1.1mmm.

About stability ...

There's no argument here. ABS plastic is not the material of choice for mounting optics where high stability is the goal. The thermal coefficient of expansion of ABS plastics are in the region of 70 to 100 ppm / degree C, that's about 4x worse than aluminium (~23ppm/deg). If the temperature of this part changes much, you will see drift in your microscope image.
In this instance we are saved by the large heat sink that surrounds this component, ie. the wosm base. In a temperature controlled room, the temperature fluctuation on this part is a small fraction of a degree. So thermal drift is not an issue and we can get away with using plastic.
NB. do not expect to get good performance out of this part without the base block surrounding it.

Part Source Notes
Now with 1" square optic cutout for cyl-lens 3D storm.
Filter spacers: 3mm  4mm  5mm