WOSM base

The core of the WOSM is its optical block, a monolithic chassis that is CNC machined from solid aluminum and weighs ~13kg. Each block is tapped to accept a single plan apo high resolution objective (currently Nikon-only), which screws permanently into the block so that the block and the objective lens of the microscope become a single stable unit, giving unprecedented mechanical and thermal stability.

The WOSM side plates are designed to accept standard Thorlabs 30mm cage so that users can customize input and output pathways by building on to an extremely stable, perfectly aligned core that houses the objective, nanostage, and dichroics.

Part Source Notes
base baseN_08.02.2016

You'll need a good sized mill to keep the port pathways true, these cuts require a 25mm diam mill. A non-standard tap (25 x 0.75mm) is required for the Nikon objective thread. Remove any shoulder on the objective thread after tapping so the objective seats flush with the base. Anodizing the base will strengthen the objective thread. I get these made locally at Philip James Engineering, Coventry.
pc port_cap_blank.STL