The eduWOSM story

The eduWOSM is our WOSM (Warwick Open Source Microscope) for education, with a component set designed to maximise performance and minimise cost. All the key ingredients of the WOSM are there, the super-stable block, the super-capable microcontroller, the WOSM button box, web browser-based control, digital power supply, the WOSM LED light engine, a fast, sensitive camera, a motor focus, a Nikon plan apo 100x oil objective. Just more accessible.

A page serving a 45 min Zoom talk by Nick about the eduWOSM is here.

How do I get one?

Right now, you need to build your own. Here is a list of all the parts. And here is how to build one.

What can it do?

eduWOSMs can do epifluorescence (and shortly deconvolution), in up to 4 colours. In principle much more.

Who is it for?

For us, at least. We built the eduWOSM for our pioneering new undergraduate course in Integrated Science. But we think it will be more widely useful.

When can I have one?

Get in touch, if you can afford a set of parts (~£5K) we will help you put it together.


Nick Carter · Rob Cross · Douglas Martin