The WOSM-TIRF story

The WOSM-TIRF is our WOSM (Warwick Open Source Microscope) for single molecule fluorescence microscopy, including STORM superresolution microscopy.

Our WOSM-TIRF design aims at maximising optical efficiency and minimising mechanical drift. It has a super-stable optical block, a super-capable microcontroller, WOSM button box, live-linked WOSM browser interface, scriptable digital power supply, WOSM LED light engine, a fast, sensitive camera, an X-Y-Z piezostage running sample positioning and focus and a Nikon plan apo 100x TIRF objective.

WOSM-tirf layout

When can I have one?

Get in touch, if you can afford a set of parts (~£50K) we will help you put it together.


Nick Carter · Rob Cross · Douglas Martin