A talk about the eduWOSM

Nick's 45 min Zoom talk introducing the eduWOSM, given in Oct 2021 as part of our weekly seminar series in the CMCB at Warwick. Includes motivation, design, construction, performance and some thoughtful questions from the audience.

If you have trouble accessing, let us know and we'll find another way.


01:25 Preamble
04:20 WOSM µF
04:40 WOSM-Trap
06:40 STORM
07:45 eduWOSM motivation
09:45 Camera (& Mars Rover)
13:40 WOSM µController
15:40 Macro language. Keypad.
15:40 Web browser interface
17:00 WOSM LED Light Engine
22:40 eduWOSM preamble
25:00 Lightpath
28:20 Dichroic Block
30:00 Solidworks tour
31:00 Field, example images
32:20 Single fluorophore sensitivity
34:45 Actin filaments
37:29 Questions


Nick Carter · Rob Cross · Douglas Martin